Oak Cottage: National Historic Register & New Jersey Register of Historic Places
Oak Cottage Interior Photos
“Historic preservation educates and enriches the mind
and spirit of a people. ... we who are the stewards of
this priceless legacy...  may we accept with deep resolve
the obligation to bequeath it—as unaltered as possible—
to future generations.”

Source; Stephan Castellanos, FAIA,
California State architect.
(Entry to Main Level is from Center Door Pictured Above - into Foyer - not pictured)
Front Parlor (Looking back toward Dining Room)
Kitchen: Photographed from Back Porch entrance - looking
toward Dining Room - Granite Counter-Tops ... Indian Slate
Floor ... Stainless Steel Double Sink with Goose Neck Faucet
Photo taken from Great Room looking towards stairway to 2nd floor -
also shows part of 1st floor office/den - preserved wood floors - Indian
Slate leading from front foyer - down hall - and through kitchen
(door under stairway is coat closet - entry to guest bath is to the left of where photographer
is standing - guest bath is not pictured.)
(Looking towards the "Mud Room" Entrance (Large slate floor private entry room with full laundry facilities)
First Floor Office/Den
photo taken from entry to
room from front foyer -
looking toward entry from
'All Purpose Room' - (All
Purpose Room was not
photographed) Great Room
/ Family room to left
Front Parlor -
looking toward front of
house from Dining Room
Great Room / Family Room -- Back porch is glimpsed through window to left - door
to right at back of photo leads to guest bath
Back Porch photographed from
standing on landing leading to
back door to kitchen
Back Porch looking
toward private pond
GREAT fishing in that pond!!!
2nd Floor
2nd Floor houses all 6 Bedrooms - most are similar - not all are pictured - all
bedrooms except 1 have closets - half the bedrooms are wall to wall carpeted
- half have preserved wood floors - Master Bedroom has private bath
Master Bedroom
(This bedroom has a private bath - though it is not the largest bedroom.)
Looking into
Front Bedroom
(see Widow's Walk
through window pictured)
Example of a carpeted bedroom - this particular bedroom
has a view of the Oak Cottage Mill and the Pond.
Main Bath
This is the
main bath -
and is located
on the 2nd floor
Bedroom which has come to be called "The General's Quarters"  
-it is the room with the window which has the 'epaulet' type panel above it.
3rd Floor
Office / Den / Spare Room -- 3rd floor also has a half bath
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